The feature request that is by far the most requested is for our template to be responsive.

Well, the wait is nearly over and we are very excited to announce the imminent release of our Responsive Template for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.

The new Responsive Joomla Template is based on the same module positions as the original so you’ll be able to upload it into your existing sites and, with minimal adjustments, have a fully responsive site in no time at all.

And for new sites this will be the simplest most easy to use Responsive Joomla Template you’ll ever use.  No hard to understand frameworks.  No bloated Code.  Just simple, classic Joomla development that you know and love.

Stay tuned for more info.



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I cant believe it’s been a year since our Blank Joomla Template was released – Yes, we are a full 1 years old this week.

To celebrate this coming of age we’ve teamed up with our sister outfit “Trees for Hosting” to offer all our customers a very special offer:


Not only do you get fully featured half price hosting optimised for Joomla, Trees for Hosting also plant a tree for every website they host – so your site will be carbon neutral too – hurrah!

Check out Trees for hosting’s green web hosting here, you’ll get 50% off any yearly hosting package (does not include domain names).  Simply email us with your PayPal transaction code after you have purchased the template and we’ll send you a discount code to get 50% off a yearly hosting package at Trees for Hosting!   This offer is open to all customers old and new.

Below just a few of the many hundreds of amazing features at Tree for Hosting:

  • The easiest control panel ever!
  • 1 click install Joomla / WordPress and loads more
  • Latest spec server hardware
  • Instant activation
  • Free ecommerce software
  • iPhone control panel access
  • Extensive help database built in
  • Stunning support

Check it all out at

Thanks to all our customers over the last year – and here’s to the next!

Happy templating (and green hosting)!


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Good afternoon one and all,

Another milestone in the life of the magic that is Joomla! today.

Joomla 3.0 is released and it’s a fantastic bit of kit – if you haven’t already tried it jet over to and get you self a copy right now and give it a go – the future is here!

And we are right up to speed – our Blank Joomla Template is now available for download – new and existing customers will get 2 versions in the download file – one for 2.5 and the other for 3.0!

Hope you enjoy Joomla 3.0 as much as we do!

Happy templating!


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Well then, I’ve just been playing with the Alpha release of Joomla! 3.0, and let me tell you it’s looking great.

To all those involved in the continued development of our most favorite CMS  - we salute you!

And to the Blank Joomla Templaters out there using our product, and those of you that may in the future, we can tell you that we’ll be ready for the Joomla 3.0 release date sometime in September 2012 and will have our 3.0 version availalble for download within 24 hours of the official Joomla 3.0 stable release.

Happy templating!



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Just a quickie update re small change to the “component.php” file – thanks Thomas!

For existing sites:

  1. Download new template file
  2. UNZIP
  3. Open the ”component.php” file inside
  4. COPY it’s code
  5. Open your live ”component.php” file and delete the code inside
  6. PASTE in the new ”component.php” code


Happy templating!


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Afternoon folks!

We’ve just made the latest version of our Joomla Blank Template live for download.  If you are an exiting customer you can download now.

Nothing major on this release, added a few lines of basic CSS for some core Joomla elements including Tabs & Sliders, Featured and Category Blog Articles and some basic table styling.

Keep those feature requests coming in!

Thanks to all you templaters that have purchased, your positive feedback has been amazing!

Happy Templating!


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An exciting day for the Joomla community today, seeing the full stable release of Joomla 2.5.

And our joomla 2.5 template is ready to go – if you have bought the 1.7 version use your existing download link to download the latest version.

The new download link contains a zip package with both 1.7 and the Joomla 2.5 template.

Happy Templating!


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The Custom CSS Module has to be my most favourite design oriented joomla extensions of all time. Yup, quite a statement but if you haven’t heard of this little module then stand by for a treat.

Put simply, the module allows you to add custom CSS to any menu item or article. That’s right,  you can add different styles to different pages of your Joomla website without the need for changes of template (or template styles in J.1.6+) for specific pages.

Fo example, say you wanted a different background image for each of your menu pages it’s a complete breeze with this module.

It’s an absolute storming bit of kit this mod and is almost a default install on every new site I build.  Check out the guys who put this together Hyde Design  – thanks to you!

The following joomla tutorial shows how you can use this to great effect  – in this example we have a different background image for each page of our website.

Enjoy, feedback and happy templating!


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I’ve been testing our upcoming 2.5 version of the Blank Joomla Template with Joomla 2.5 beta2 today and can report all is very well – template working just great with this next version of Joomla.

Once the official Joomla 2.5 Stable is released you’ll be able to download our 2.5 template!

Happy templating!


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Hey There!

This tutorial is not specific to our template – this technique can be used on any Joomla template or any HTML/CSS website.

In this video we show how you can easily add a background colour to a website or add a background image to  a website.

With a little help from our good friend FireBug and a little cut and paste its a breeze to give your website some real character!

Enjoy!  Jak


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