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We pride ourselves on the very best response to your questions

If you have purchased Blank Joomla Template you will have received an email containing instructions on how to contact us directly for support - we reply to all supports request from existing customers within 1 day - GUARANTEED!

If you have lost this info or you wish to ask any pre-sales question then please use the contact form here.


How quickly can I download the template?

Instantly! - so long as your payment goes through OK you will receive an email immediately that contains a download link.

How do I install the template?

You install our template as per any Joomla Template - directly from the "Extensions Manager" using the "Upload Package File" method.

Will the template work with Joomla 1.5?

No - the current download file works with Joomla 2.5 only - Joomla 1.5 reaches "end of life" soon - that means Joomla themselves wont support Joomla 1.5 - see the upgrade documentation on for details son how to update your site

Will the template work with Joomla 1.6/1.7?

The template is made for Joomla 2.5. The Original version for 1.7 (we didn't make a 1.6 version) is available to existing customers (please send us an email to request) but we strongly advise you upgrade to 2.5 from 1.7 - 1.7 has reached "end of life" now - which means Joomla themselves do not support the 1.7 version

Will the template work with Joomla 2.5?

YES! The template is made for Joomla 2.5 and has been tested up to the current Joomla version

Will the template work with Joomla 3.0?

YES! Joomla 3.0 has now been released and the download link now contain the Joomla 3.0 template AND the Joomla 2.5 template

How many time can I download the template?

Your purchase allows you access to download this file 20 times or for a period of 1 year after your first download. The download link will remain active until the specified time period from your first download elapses or until you have downloaded the file the allowed number of times, which ever comes first.

Do I get access to new versions of the template?

Yes! - you always have access to the latest version during the year that your purchase is valid for.

I've lost my download link - can you send it to me again?

Yes! - send us a support email or use the contact form to let us know and we'll send straight away - make sure you include your PayPal transaction number

Can I use the template on more than one site?

Yes! You can use the template on as many of your own or your client sites.

What licence is the template sold under? Can I redistribute it?

No, the Template is a Comercial Product and the fee charged entitles you to use the template for your own site or for a client site but not for re-selling or posting for download for free or otherwise.
clean joomla_template


  • 40 Module Positions
  • Width and Gutter Settings
  • Pure CSS - No Tables
  • Minimal Knowledge Required
  • Easy to Customize


A powerful yet simple to use Joomla templating framework to deliver flexible websites in a very short development timeframe. A Blank Canvas for your next Joomla project.


Get in touch if you have any queries or questions about the Blank Joomla Template - we'd love to hear from you