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Hi there, and thanks for stopping by

My name is Jak and I run Blank Joomla Template.

I've been creating Joomla websites for quite a few years now and have used countless free and bought Joomla templates and frameworks from all sorts of vendors - some good, some great and some downright awful!

As my experience grew with graphic design, HTML and CSS along with core Joomla functionality I found myself yearning for a simple clean template I could use as a starting point from which to create web sites - something that had enough module positions for maximum flexibility but without the bloated code of so many of the frameworks out there.  So over the years I slowly crafted my own simple clean framework to use as a blank canvas to create Joomla websites from.

The result is the template for sale on this site and I hope you enjoy it  - and please let me know how you get on?  - all feedback and suggestions most gratefully received.

Happy templating!


jak blank_joomla3


  • 40 Module Positions
  • Width and Gutter Settings
  • Pure CSS - No Tables
  • Minimal Knowledge Required
  • Easy to Customize


A powerful yet simple to use Joomla templating framework to deliver flexible websites in a very short development timeframe. A Blank Canvas for your next Joomla project.


Get in touch if you have any queries or questions about the Blank Joomla Template - we'd love to hear from you