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Responsive Blank Joomla Template is Coming!

The feature request that is by far the most requested is for our template to be responsive.

Well, the wait is nearly over and we are very excited to announce the imminent release of our Responsive Template for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.

The new Responsive Joomla Template is based on the same module positions as the original so you’ll be able to upload it into your existing sites and, with minimal adjustments, have a fully responsive site in no time at all.

And for new sites this will be the simplest most easy to use Responsive Joomla Template you’ll ever use.  No hard to understand frameworks.  No bloated Code.  Just simple, classic Joomla development that you know and love.

Stay tuned for more info.



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  • 40 Module Positions
  • Width and Gutter Settings
  • Pure CSS - No Tables
  • Minimal Knowledge Required
  • Easy to Customize


A powerful yet simple to use Joomla templating framework to deliver flexible websites in a very short development timeframe. A Blank Canvas for your next Joomla project.


Get in touch if you have any queries or questions about the Blank Joomla Template - we'd love to hear from you